Innovation Management and Inclusive Innovation

AHEAD partners are developing the knowledge and teaching base with a view to creating impetus for improvement of existing policies, approaches and structures for leading and managing Research and Innovation for Development, Inclusive innovation and Grassroots innovation.

The learning materials will comprise of two modules divided into subtopics or lectures:

I. Innovation Management in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

  • National, regional and local innovation systems
  • Innovation processes and structures
  • Innovation leadership
  • Types of innovation
  • Open innovation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Technological learning, technological catch-up, technological leapfrogging
  • Innovations exploitation and management


II. Inclusive and Grassroots Innovation

  • Characteristics of inclusive and grassroots innovation
  • Challenges in building an ecosystem for inclusive innovation as a prerequisite for scaling up inclusive and grassroots innovation
  • Role of technology, business and policy in supporting inclusive and grassroots innovation
  • Business model innovations suitable for inclusive innovation
  • Economic terms, concepts, and theories relevant to inclusive innovation and inclusive growth. Role of inclusive and grassroots innovation in bridging inequality gaps created by economic growth
  • Examples and good practices


The learning materials will be available for download in Fall 2019.