The Innovation for Development Hubs

The Innovation for Development Hubs are innovation support structures hosted at partner universities from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. They provide physical working space for stakeholder collaboration and co-creation in research and innovation. Their objectives are to:

  • Manage stakeholder input into research agendas and the design and delivery of curricula
  • Provide start-up and entrepreneurship support through consultancy or applied research (incl. for scaling of grassroots innovations and social entrepreneurship)
  • Organize start-up competitions for students/alumni with a view to encouraging the creation and scaling of enterprises
  • Organize mentorship schemes
  • Search and establish contacts with grassroots innovators and manage grassroots innovation initiatives and inclusive innovation projects
  • Explore the possibilities for transfer of technologies and university spin-offs, as well as other types of collaborations with research organizations and business
  • Support consortium building and project development and implementation in the field of research and innovation with a view to attracting funding
  • Organize training in innovation management and inclusive innovation
  • Implement further reviews of institutional innovation capacity and propose improvements


The Innovation Hubs will be established in Winter-Spring 2020.