Kisii University, Kenya


Kisii University was founded in 1965 as a primary teachers’ training college which was later upgraded to a secondary teachers’ college to offer Diploma programmes. In 2007, Kisii University College was established and in 2013 upgraded to a public university with 8 faculties: School of Business & Economics, Agriculture & Natural Resource Management, Information Science & Technology, School Of Law, Education & Human Resource Development, Health Sciences, Pure & Applied Science, Arts & Social Sciences. KisU operates several campuses across Kenya and an e-learning campus. It aspires to advance social welfare, research and academic excellence.

A Research and Extension Division at KisU coordinates research and extension activities for staff and students. A high premium on research and publication by both staff and students is imbedded into KisU’s Strategic Plan. KisU accepts and funds outstanding research proposals in order to encourage academic staff to undertake scholarly activities in research and community service.

Project team 


Prof. Anakalo Shitandi

Prof. Anakalo Shitandi is the Registrar, Research Extension, Innovation and Resource Mobilization at Kisii University, responsible for the provision of leadership and vision for all research projects.  

He is currently a global fellow for the Association of International educators ( responsible for coordinating internationalization of research partnerships in Sub-Saharan African Universities. He has been successful in sourcing grants from the US Department of Agriculture, Swedish Institute, Swedish International Development Agency, South African Water Council, Danish International Development Agency and International Foundation for Science. He has successfully coordinated the establishment of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship by the Institute of International Education to assist in enhancing the quality of higher education in Africa which has attracted several International African scholars to Kisii University. He has particular interest and experience in research led education experience.

Prof. Shitandi is a professor of Food Science Microbiology. He holds a PhD in Food Science Microbiology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences-Uppsala-Sweden. He has received professional training from various institutions which includes: Bioethics – St John’s Research Hospital, India; Public health – Nordic public health school, Gothenburg – Sweden: Biomedical Statistics, Danish Agricultural University – Denmark; Research methods, Uppsala – Sweden; RIA and ELISA techniques in microbiology and endocrinology, Uppsala – Sweden and nutritional epidemiology Nordic public health school, Sweden.


Prof. Christopher Ngacho

Prof. Christopher Ngacho is an Associate Professor of Operations Management with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Operations Research/Operations Management from University of Delhi. He is an xperienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer environment. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Customer Service, Data Analysis, Lecturing, and Science.

Prof. Ngacho is a strong education professional with an MBA in Management Science and BCOM (Management Science), both qualifications of the University of Nairobi. He has published widely in the areas of Project Management in the peer reviewed journals. His scientific interests are in the fields of Performance Evaluation criteria of projects funded differently; private, community, Government etc. Currently, Prof. Ngacho is the Dean of the School of Business and Economics overseeing teaching and learning in 56 programmes that range from Certificate to PhD.


Ms. Verah Nyagoto

Ms. Verah Nyagoto is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Computing Sciences, School of Information Science and Technology at Kisii University. She is also the Examination Coordinator at the School of Information Science and Technology. Her research interests revolve around data science, machine learning/deep learning, and web engineering. Her teaching focuses on Web based programming and Database systems programming and administration. In addition, she participates in curriculum review and development. Ms. Nyagoto has successfully supervised student projects to win a number of prizes.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education Sciences from Moi University, Kenya and a Masters degree in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Sunderland, UK.

Mr. Nemwel Aming’a

Mr. Aming’a is a Researcher at Kisii University. He is responsible for grants coordination and management, monitoring and evaluation of research activities, and development of proposals for funding. Mr. Aming’a holds a Master degree in Education from the University of Nottingham, UK and another Master degree in Knowledge Management from Kisii University.

Ms. Beth Nyamanga

Ms. Nyamanga is an Administrative Assistant at Kisii University. She is in charge of the administrative tasks of the research office which includes managing office communication, coordinating development of Memorandum of understanding, managing the research diary and documenting office related issues. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education Sciences from Makerere University.