The State University of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Founded in 1999, The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) has quickly placed itself among the high quality universities in the region. As a public university, it focuses on delivering relevant education and research targeted at speeding up social changes, contributing to socio-economic development, and building a knowledge-based society that can tackle emergent global challenges. In pursuit of this mission, SUZA is currently working to incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship in its curriculum and to develop online and digital teaching.

In 2016/17, SUZA offered over 35 programmes at PhD, Master, undergraduate and pre-undergraduate level with specialities in computing, natural sciences, social sciences, medicine and health, languages, tourism, finance and management, and education. Recently, 3 government colleges joined SUZA through an ambitious government merging project which aims to strengthen its capacity. This brought more teaching programmes, staff and students, increasing the number of students to 5,000 and 500 staff located in 7 campuses. Research at SUZA is facilitated by the operation of several Centres: Center for Digital Learning, Center for Graduate Studies and Research, Tropical Research Center for Oceanography, Environment and Natural Resources.